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Visiting Willingen means experiencing hiking trails that pass through the unique nature surrounding it. One can walk on marvelous paths through the low mountain landscape with its beech forests, its fields of upland pasture, its clear streams and its ever wonderful view. In the blink of an eye, you will find yourself surrounded by untouched nature as diverse as almost nowhere else. It’s not for nothing that Willingen is the first certified quality region in Germany. It especially distinguishes itself due to its network of rambling trails with the Uplandsteig as the most famous one.

The starting or end point of many hiking trips is the Ettelsberg mountain which is quite close to the hotel and can therefore easily be reached on foot.



Everyone who is familiar with the mountain bike festival already knows Willingen is a territory for mountain bikers, racing cyclists and downhill riders. Everyone can find their respective tracks. In addition to the long tours through our deep forests and valleys, crossing our mountains or even on the asphalt streets (for those who prefer narrow tyres), Ettelsberg mountain offers even more action. You will get the adrenaline flowing on the world cup track with its many jumps.

To all the downhill riders: the Ettelsberg cabin ropeway and shortly the K1 8-person chairlift, which offers special tariffs for bikers, provide for a comfortable transport to the top of the mountain


The skiing area of Willingen is something you should not miss under any circumstances during the winter time. The snowy slopes extend over several kilometers and have a special flair with the many ski huts, welcoming adults and little ones. By the way: some ski lifts are not just open throughout the day but open 3 times a week during the evening for floodlight skiing.

Willingen is known for its versatility when it comes to skiing because it has a lot to offer not only for alpine skiers but also for cross-country skiers, bobsleigh riders and fans of snowshoeing. And if you are looking to experience the winter wonderland in a less active way, you can book a wonderful horse-drawn sleigh tour.