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The Ettelsberg mountain

The entry point of the Ettelsberg cabin ropeway is situated only 500 m (0.3 mi) away from our hotel. Since 2007, one of the most modern ropeways in Germany leads up to Willingen’s Ettelsberg mountain.With its spacious 8-person panorama cabins, the cabin ropeway will take you up the Ettelsberg mountain which is 838 m (approximately 0.5 mi) high. Once you have reached the top, you will find the legendary and quaint Ettelsberg hut “Siggi’s Hütte”, the Hochheide tower, the Kyrill path as well as the entry points to the mountain bike world, the network of rambling trails and - during winter - to the skiing area.


By the way: did you know that

  • ...the Ettelsberg ropeway is currently the most modern of its kind in Germany? 
  • ...the conveying speed can be adjusted to the day’s specific needs?
  • ...the cabins are “parked” in a hall at the lower terminus at night?
  • ...buggies, wheelchairs, mountain bikes, sleighs etc can be transported in the cabins?
  • ...the support cable is approximately 2750 m (1.7 mi) long and weighs more than 24.5 tons?
  • ...the ropeway, the Hochheide tower and the Ettelsberg hut are equipped in a handicap-accessible way?